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Samples Screen Shots 2


Full size

This sample plots points using the hopalong algorithm by Barry Martin presented in the September 1986 Scientific American.


Minimal on windows Minimal om Linux

This is about as basic as you can make your application. For those of us who like to 're-use' code this is a good base to build on. Add items one by one to this minimal PythonCard app to make it easier to understand what is going on.


Full size proof on Windows Full size proof on Linux

This application implements the proof of concept statement of requirements as specified here. It is pretty basic but it does show all of the different widget types you can use. This example also demonstrates the use of an image as a canvas background.


Full size samples launcher

The samples launcher provides a convenient way to try each sample, browse the readme, source code and layout description for each sample.


Full size search explorer

This sample demonstrates just how easy it is to develop quite useful applications using the PythonCard framework. To use this application, just enter a search string in the first text item, select where you would like to perform the search from the 'Sites' list and then press the 'Search' button. As you perform searches they are saved in the 'Past Searches' list, a bit like web page URLs in your browser. To re-run a search select it from the list and press the 'Search' button.


Sounds sample

Another really simple but powerful application is this example which will play a sound file.


Full size sourceforge tracker

SourceForgeTracker downloads XML from SourceForge in order to display Bug Reports and Feature Requests for a variety of Python SF projects.


Full size text editor

A basic text editor.


Full size text indexer

Dan Winkler's original PythonCard test converted from tkinter to PythonCard.


Full size text indexer

TextRouter is a generic weblogging and text "routing" client. It's main use is for posting to Blogger and/or Manila maintained weblogs. More screen shots are available at$116. Simon Kittle maintains a page for TextRouter that includes a standalone binary installer for Windows.

Noughts and Crosses (tictactoe)

Full size tic tac toe

When I was young we used to call this game noughts and crosses. Some of you may know it as Tic Tac Toe. The best way to see what this sample application does is to run it. If anyone would like to write a more advanced algorithm for the computer player then please go ahead. When you have finished you can post it to the mailing list.


Full size widgets sample on Windows Full size widgets sample on Linux

This sample application is designed to demonstrate some of the events that are associated with particular widgets. The buttons and check boxes on the right hand side of the screen are active and have code associated with them. Again, the best way to find out what the various controls do is to try them out.


World clock sample

Last, but certainly not least, is the world clock. A rather natty application that shows you where in the world currently has daylight and where is dark. You will need to be connected to the internet for this to function properly as the different map images are downloaded from Can you tell when this screen shot was taken?

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