The installation guide contains instructions for installing the latest versions of Python, wxPython, and PythonCard on Mac OS X (Tiger, Panther, and Jaguar), Linux, and Windows.

Learning Python

We've put together a set of links to some of the best resources for learning Python. The material is suitable for both beginner and expert programmers, and includes reference material, code, and other links to the most popular Python community resources.

Getting Started

Framework Overview

Migration Guide

If you are upgrading from PythonCardPrototype or earlier to 0.8, then you should check out the Migration Guide and modify your code and resoources accordingly.

Other Articles

Building GUI Applications With PythonCard And PyCrust by Patrick O'Brien


codeEditor screenshots and readme.txt

There is additional information available on the PythonCard wiki about using CVS to get the latest version of PythonCard between releases, how to post bug reports, the Big To Do list, etc.

Create widgets and add event handlers at runtime. You can use this feature to create GUIs interactively using the PythonCard shell. You can also define the widgets in your layout dynamically in your program as shown by the dbBrowser sample.

Revision History (Changelog)

The changelog.txt file documents the revision history of PythonCard.

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