Welcome to the home page for the PythonCard project. Please note that items in italics are still under development. If you have any questions, suggestions or a burning desire to contribute, see the project structure section below.


PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for building cross-platform desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, using the Python language.

The PythonCard motto is "Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible."

PythonCard is for you if you want to develop graphical applications quickly and easily with a minimum of effort and coding. Apple's HyperCard is one of our inspirations; simple, yet powerful.

PythonCard uses wxPython. If you are already familiar with wxPython, just think of PythonCard as a simpler way of doing wxPython programs with a whole lot of samples and tools already in place for you to copy and subclass and tools to help you build cross-platform applications.

PythonCard is an open source project and is being developed under the terms of a BSD-style license. This basically means you are free to download and use the executables, source code, web pages or any other item produced by the project and use it as you wish, as long as you acknowledge the source of that item and replicate the license associated with it.


To see how the project is progressing;

Project Structure

PythonCard is being developed by a group of volunteers who co-ordinate their efforts through the internet. For more details of how you can contribute, please post a message on the mailing list. It is open to anyone, so feel free to contribute whatever you can. The project is co-ordinated via two main sources;

Interesting Stuff

For some further reading, try the project plan and to do list.

View the project documentation.

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